Opera meets biomedical research with people who have lost their voice.

Powerful opera about voice loss and identity

We connect people who would never normally meet in the same room.

We bring together people with lived experience of voice loss – those affected by motor neurone disease, Parkinson’s and laryngectomies, with world class artists, biomedical researchers, technologists and healthcare professionals to explore the voice. These are unique opportunities for discussion and shared understanding, bridging the disconnect between the performing arts, science and healthcare. Audiences are introduced to biomedical research, and research teams connect with the people they work to help in new and unusual ways.

We facilitate equal spaces where roles are redefined.

We use the arts to generate discussion and shared understanding, inviting deep exploration into the value of human voice, societal perception and self-identity. We value people’s expertise and ask them to try something new. Everyone is equally out of their depth yet gathers fresh perspective. The project invites individuals and teams to, think further, listen deeply, be playful, and dream outside of the box. We aim to increase wellbeing and social cohesion by creating spaces in which people feel heard and can express themselves creatively.

We create powerful works of art that tell unusual stories.

A team of dynamic professional artists are translating this collective research and narratives into imaginative works of art, working across art forms and disciplines to give audiences multiple ways to connect to an idea. The music performance and installations challenge audiences to think differently, seeking to raise awareness of voice loss and provoke change in attitude and perception.

We set in motion new ideas

This is the first time that opera has been used within biomedical product development. We are working closely with science and technology entrepreneurs to initiate new research directions, embedding their technology within works of art. We operate outside traditional models of arts and healthcare to remain flexible and responsive. Using the arts as a central catalyst for creative collaboration we advocate ways of working cross sector that place people with lived experience at the very centre.

Artistic Director – Hannah Conway
Producer – Katherine Wilde
Medical Director – Dr Thomas Moors

See www.soundvoice.org for more information