Hannah has been devising and presenting concerts for the London Symphony Orchestra since 2002. She is passionate about enabling audiences to understand complex pieces of classical repertoire from the inside and renowned for her her improvisatory style and flair with a live ensemble on stage.

Animation by Victor Craven with Music director, Hannah Conway


She created individual and tailor-made concerts for the orchestra’s Discovery Programme. She regularly is commissioned by the orchestra to compose audience participation songs for the concerts and is best known by teachers for her songs for infants.

As part of these concerts she authored teacher resource packs, devising creative composition tasks for teachers to explore with their classes in school before coming to the concerts. Her work is driven by the belief that if children have had a chance to ‘get their hands dirty’, exploring the musical themes and structures of a piece, they will come to understand the inner workings of a piece of repertoire, having grappled with the same challenges as the respective composer. Young audiences are then able to approach the music with critical, open ears and listen with active participation.

Hannah has created special animations that are syncronised live with orchestral performances, with Victor Craven (10to1 Productions) to enhance audience’s understanding of the structure and inner workings of pieces of repertoire. Several of these can be viewed below: