I Left My Voice Behind – tableau for two choirs and two cellos
Shout at Cancer Choir, Pug Halliday (Electrospit), Nick Trygstad (cello)

I Left My Voice Behind was written in collaboration with people who have survived throat cancer, having had life-saving laryngectomy treatment to remove their voice box, and in partnership with healthcare professionals and a biomedical research team who are developing a ground-breaking implantable larynx. The piece is written for two choirs: the live choir (performed by members of Shout at Cancer who have had laryngectomies) and a second digital choir, constructed by digital voice synthesis company Cereproc, from recordings of Shout at Cancer performers pre-cancer, before their voice boxes had been removed. The choirs are joined by solo cello, with an electronic cello counterpart mirroring the duet between live and digital choirs and collectively exploring renewal, transformation, and the birth of new vocal identities.


Extract from The Sound Voice Project: I Left My Voice Behind


Vocals: Shout at Cancer Choir
Electrospit: Pug Halliday
Cello: Nick Trygstad
Music: Hannah Conway
Words: Hazel Gould
Video design: Luke Halls
Sound design:
 David Sheppard
Sound production: Andrew Mellor