Commissioned by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra to create a new piece for the London Aquarium with visually impaired students from Joseph Clarke School in East London. The project was in partnership with the Royal National Institute for Blind People.


Audio Aquarium from claudia lee on Vimeo.


The students created a beautiful narrative on their initial visit to the aquarium, weaving new found knowledge of the creatures and then transforming their experience with vivid imagination. The final piece enabled audiences to experience the London Aquarium through the eyes of someone who is visually impaired – an musical-underwater adventure, The Kingdom Of The Elasmabranchs.

“Late at night a group of children discover a door, hidden in the bowels of London. They are welcomed into an underwater kingdom and learn of a legendary garden of fruits whose nutritional power may grant wishes. The children ride on the back of giant sea turtles to the garden where they consume fruits in great numbers. Caught in the act by patrolling armies of lionfish and jellyfish, they are escorted to the court of royal seahorses. Judged guilty, the children are turned into fish and left to swim the oceans forever. The story ends full circle as the audience are surrounded by those very fish at the London Aquarium.”