Songs commissioned originally by the London Symphony Orchestra:

  1. Sleeping Beauty: 22(1c)21/ 2000/  3P (glock/xloph/tb/wh) hp, pno, strings

  1. Little Red Riding Hood: Little Girl, Little Girl! 1121/ 2000/ 2P (glock/vibr)/ hp, pno/ strings

  1. Oh Butterfly – 1111/ 1100/ 1P (glock)/ pno, strings. This is a partner song to work with a performance of Manuel de Falla’s  El Amor Brujo.

  1. The Gruffalo – three songs (picture book by Julia Donaldson, illustrated by Axel Scheffler) – String quintet

  1. Can you play?  – 0000/ 1111/ strings. Also an arrangement for just string orchestra. The song teaches children about all string and brass instruments and explores different string techniques in the lyrics.

  1. Fingers McGraw – The Mouse Thief! – orchestration: 2(1p)111/ 1100/ 1P (glock)/ hp, celeste/ strings. A Song to accompany The Getaway (Ed Vere). A song about a mouse thief chased by an elephant detective

  1. Peter and the wolf – participation song for audience: Can you See What I can See – orchestration: 1111/ 3110/ 3P (vibr)/ strings

Jack and the Beanstalk:

  • Magic Beans – orchestration: 2122/ 2200/ 0P/ strings/ hp, celeste

  • Giant’s Song: Fee, Fi, Fo, Fum! – orchestration: 2122/ 2200/ 0P/ strings/ hp, celeste Resphigi: The Birds KS1 or 2

Two songs to accompany Mussorgsky’s Pictures at an Exhibition:

  • Cockadoo-dal-doo! – orchestration: 1111/ 2200/ 0P/ hp, strings

  • I’m on a promenade through the gallery – orchestration: 222/2200/1T 1P/ strings

Two songs to accompany Poulenc’s Babar the Elephant:

  • Where can I buy a suit in the city?  22(1c)2(1b)2/ 2101/ 0P

  • Babar is King! 212(1b)2/ 2101/ 0P

Me and my Mammoth (Picture book by Joel Stewart):
A beautiful story about a young child who meets a Mammoth who can fly. Orchestration: Piano quartet + double bass.

  • Everything I make goes wrong

  • Flying on a Mammoth’s Back

  • Playing in the Snow

Dr Seus, Three songs for Horton Hatches an Egg – String quintet – An elephant offers to sit on an egg for a selfish bird who wants to go on holiday!

• The elephant bird

• Crack, what’s that?

• Oh Horton!

Two songs for Romeo and Juliet: – String quintet

• Two households both alike in dignity

• We come from different places

Two songs for Moon Man – (picture book by Toni Ungerer’s Moon Man): commissioned by the London Symphony Orchestra. A story about the moon man who catches a shooting star to Earth in search of dancing! – orchestration: 1010/ 0111/ strings (opt kit)

• I’m sitting in a cell

• I’m the moon man! (a Ray charles tribute)

Three songs for Mr Big – Picture book by Ed Vere: commissioned by the Britten Sinfonia.
A Gorilla who is big on the outside but small on the inside scares everyone until he learns to play the piano. You can listen to these songs at the following link. orchestration: String quintet/string orchestra

• Late for Work

• Dark and Cold in the City

• Run, Run, Run!

Creeping along! – commissioned by the London Philharmonic Orchestra – orchestration: 1110/ 0010/ 1P (xloph)/ pno, strings

House Monsters – participation song for Fraser Trainer’s House Monsters – orchestration: string orchestra, clarinets and percussion (tbc)  KS2

Shosholoza – travel at the speed of light – SSATB + band Trad. South African reworked mixed